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Whimsical Double Wall Hook

Whimsical Double Wall Hook

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These whimsical double wall hooks are ideal for DIY shelf making projects to add some flare your studio, bathroom, or pantry!  Order a number hooks, and simply attach them to a beautiful piece of driftwood or arrange them however you prefer on a wall or board.

Forged by Carol, these hooks are smaller, made of 1/4" parent stock.  No two are the same. Varying in length, of around 5 inches, each hook end is unique offering a whimsical feel intended to accent their handmade quality.  They have two countersunk holes, ensuring the hook does not pivot.

Maker: Caroline Kajorinne Krievin

Decorative elements: rat tail curls at hook ends.

Materials: mild steel

Coating: clear lacquer 

Number of holes for mounting: 2

Size (average): 5 inches / 12.7 cm long,
with the hook end sitting about 1.5 inches from the wall

Location: studio, mudroom/entry way, sauna, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, closet

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  • Donna

    Perfect to display my father's carpenter's drawknife.

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  • Teresa

    Unique craftsmanship and one of a kind! Outstanding piece of functional artwork! Love it and thank you!

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  • Cynthia

    Absolutely love my hooks and would definitely buy again. Workmanship was beautiful. Works perfect for the project I'm working on.

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  • Matthew

    Great unique hooks extremely happy and plan to buy more. Great communication.

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  • Emilio

    Fast shipping, very nice forged S hooks, I love it.

  • Kathryn

    Love this. Description and quality spot on.

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