Kristen "Krev" Krievin

I took to blacksmithing from a drawing background. Through forging, I strive to create objects in physical reality that are an extension of my drawing visual vocabulary. It is an immensely rewarding yet challenging endeavour as I must troubleshoot physical parameters to realize an aesthetic / artistic statement.

I experiment with different forms, by starting with an idea on mind and trying it out. Seldom times (say 2% of the time), it will work out very well. Most times, I will have to rethink my approach to the intention. Sometimes the metal has a better idea than I do and refuses to do what I am hoping . . . forging me as a human being as much as I myself shape the material. At the anvil, a real-time dialogue ensues and a real relations where compromise must take place between my intention and the will of the iron.

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Video of "Morphiosity" and "To Each Their Own"

Caroline Kajorinne Krievin

I am a multidisciplinary artist who was drawn towards blacksmithing as it is a creative practice that employs all of the elements—water, air, earth and fire. For me, blacksmithing is a way to centre and strengthen relationship — with the natural world, with my body, and the themes that guide my work.

Current project:

-Creating Minä puhun suomea | I speak Finnish for the gallery setting; a project that combines media arts (soundscaping), metalwork and embroidery. Through this new body of work I will capture shifting moments through contemplative arts practices while fostering a deeper connection to and understanding of the Finnish language and our changing “sound scape”.

Made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Home to the River

In 2019, I travelled to Kristinestad | Kristiinankaupunki, Finland with collaborator (and cousin) Tuija Hansen to participate in the White Nights Residency and two exhibitions near the community our grandfathers are from. Together, we wove "Home to the River," an artwork that combines tapestry with Finnish rug weaving techniques - inspired by the reflections along the river Kyrö (Kyrönjoki). To accompany the work, I composed "Water Soundscape," an audio file projecting sounds harvested from the region. During the artist-residency, I also created a small series of works for a site-specific installation in the Old Customs House that explored the sense of “home” we all seem to need for our sense of well being. 

Visit our blog for more images from the journey to Finland: https://pikelakeforge.com/blogs/travel-and-inspiration

Listen to the Soundcape

Roof of Reprieve

Roof of Reprieve is a site-specific installation built with collaborator ElizaBeth Hill. Created for Ice Follies tenth biennale celebration, this artwork offered a reprieve from the elements on the shores of Nipissing Lake, North Bay, ON, Canada. The artwork was designed and executed collaboratively, with each of us taking lead on specific aspects. I (Caroline Kajorinne Krievin) built the structure, while ElizaBeth Hill directed the interior design (soundscape and photos).

The soundscape features voices of Mindful Makers Collective members, who participated in Breath Body + Voice sessions with ElizaBeth in previous years. (I am the founding creative director of the Collective). The soundscape was composed by ElizaBeth using some sound bytes I harvested over the years, including one of me playing the piano.

Together, we selected the photographs for print, most which were captured by ElizaBeth.

Participating in Ice Follies was made possible due to travel and exhibition support offered by Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

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