New work on display at Defsup

New work on display at Defsup


I work well with deadlines, even self imposed ones. Shortly after returning home from the Gothic Elements workshop with Thomas Latané, I discovered there was an upcoming Members Show happening at Definitely Superior Art Gallery (aka Defsup). So, I busied myself with finishing my tracery panel (above) I had started in class.

Later in June, I was grateful to have participated in a Mindful Makers workshop, "Hear Me Out," facilitated by Binaeshee-Quae Couchie Nabigon. Here I collaboratively developed a soundscape, "Mista mina tulen / Where do I come from? Koivuja järven rannalla / Birch trees along the lake shore." This soundscape resonates from a metal box, seen here below the tracery panel.

"Where do you come from?" was the prompt Binaeshee-Quae offered on day two of the workshop, which sparked the development of this piece. Together we explored a mixture of story-song-telling, singing landscapes, loop pedal creation and sound circle. Participating artists contributed to building the soundscape by adding layers while interpreting the theme. We each had created the building blocks to our own unique soundscapes, and had an opportunity to share and collaborate to further develop each of them.

(Day two) Workshop participants/contributing artists: ElizaBeth Hill, Allison Skirtschak, and Jade Gilbert. On day one I also gleaned creative influences from: Zoe Gordon, Jayal Chung and Shanna Romanson.

Thanks SO much to Binaeshee-Quae for sharing your skills and creative practice!

Be sure to stop by to view the Members Show on now at Defsup (115 Cumberland) until August 5th! They're open 12-6pm, Tuesday-Saturday.

Participating in the Gothic Elements workshop, and hosting "Hear Me Out" with Mindful Makers, was made possible thanks to funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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