Artist Residency on the Horizon!

Artist Residency on the Horizon!

Carol Kajorinne is traveling to the Finland for the first time with collaborator Tuija Hansen to attend Kristinestad Artists’ Residency for June 2019!

This journey begins visiting Isokyro (the family homeland 1.5 hours east) where they will forage for wild plants to naturally dye fibres and document the region via video, audio and photography. To follow, Kajorinne and Hansen will create and exhibit a body of work while at Kristinestad that includes both individual works as well as collaborative. 

This residency is the first step forward in Kajorinne & Hansen’s project, “Kotio Navettahan | Home to the Barn:” travelling to Finland to collect inspiration, stories, and foster collaborative ways of working - to be further built on through the creation of a larger body of work at home in Thunder Bay, ON Canada.

Kajorinne has been creating a body of work, “The Preservation Project” since 2011 which has evolved from centring around the sudden death of her uncle to explore told + untold family stories as well as greater themes of life cycles and rebirth. While in Finland, Kajorinne will focus on contemplative Fibre Arts as a practice with guidance from fibre artist Tuija Hansen; incorporating soft materials such as embroidered cloth or woven fibres with the more familiar found objects, metals, and photographs Kajorinne already employs in her mixed-media practice. 

{blog post originally posted on April 7, 2019 on our old website}

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